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industrial / refinery accidents lawyer in el paso

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The oil and gas industry is vital to West Texas, where the number of El Paso workers within it is nearly 2 percent higher than the national average.

However, there’s no getting around it:

Working in an oil refinery is a dangerous job.

If your employer’s failure to provide a safe work environment caused you to suffer an accident, the attorneys of Carabin Shaw are ready to be your voice in the legal system.

Types of Oil Refinery Accidents

There is no question that an oil refinery can be a dangerous, even life-threatening place to work, especially if employers or workers breach proper maintenance procedures and safety protocol. Some of the most common causes of an oil refinery accident include:

  • Equipment malfunction
  • Failure to properly train new employees
  • Lack of proper safety equipment (hard hats, goggles, etc.)
  • Failure to maintain or replace safety items (rails, steps, etc.)
  • Maintenance and inspection delays
  • Failure to store chemicals safely
  • Explosions and fires

Common Oil Refinery Injuries In El Paso, Texas

El Paso oil fields and refinery jobs typically involve hazardous materials and heavy machinery, both of which can cause severe bodily harm. An oil refinery, in particular, involves heating and developing oil products and gasoline—an intensive process that puts plant workers at risk of numerous injuries and even fatalities.

The most common physical injuries in an oil refinery accident in TX include:

  • Burns and lacerations
  • Chemical burns
  • Injury from electrocution
  • Death

Liability and Workers’ Compensation

Texas law does not require companies to provide workers’ compensation.

While this puts many Texans in a difficult spot, the good news is that most oil and gas companies do provide some form of workers’ comp to protect against liability in the event of an accident.

Looking at your employment contract or speaking to a Human Resources representative with your company might give you a clearer sense of what protection your employer guarantees.

If, after learning more about this coverage, you still have questions, the El Paso personal injury lawyers of Carabin Shaw can help.

Determining who is responsible for your damages in these cases is difficult. If there are multiple parties to blame, the legal situation can be especially confusing. With the help of an industrial & refinery accident attorney in El Paso, though, you can secure compensation if you can trace your damage to another party’s negligence. These negligent parties often include:

  • Your employer (if, for example, the accident resulted from the fatigue brought on by overworking / over-scheduling or insufficient training techniques)
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Negligent maintenance routines
  • Careless work behavior

Why Hire a Lawyer?

Do not discuss your case with an insurance company or third party until you have consulted a lawyer.

Hiring an industrial / refinery accidents attorney in El Paso is the best way to ensure you receive full reparation for your injuries because your attorney will prioritize your needs over your employer’s or the insurance company’s interests.

Our personal injury lawyer in El Paso will work with you to compile evidence and establish your claim’s worth (medical bills, rehabilitation costs, pain, and suffering, etc.) and determine what compensation you are eligible to obtain.

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Frequently Asked Question

Accidents can happen at any industrial facility. Some of the common locations of industrial accidents include factories, refineries, construction sites, paper mills, warehouses, mines, drilling rigs, and any other similar type of work location.These  accidents are notable for their destructive nature and the possibility of affecting people who live or work near the fire or explosion site.
A contingency fee is what we assess at Carabin Shaw. Our firm covers all the costs of a case, and we only collect a fee if we win. As we strive towards a successful resolution, you will not be concerned with court fees, investigation costs, and any other financial issues associated with your claim. Our goal is to work on your financial recovery while you focus on physical recovery! Our services are attainable by anyone who needs them.
You might have a case against the lease owner if he or she contributed in some way to causing your injury while working in an oilfield.
A claim related to an oil field injury can vary. Determining the true value is complicated and varies depending on many factors, such as the nature of your injuries or where you live (i.e., workers’ compensation vs. personal injury law). A lawyer will give you their professional opinion about what type of settlement might work for your particular situation after evaluating all applicable facts in-depth with you.
Yes, Our lawyers at Carabin Shaw will help to seek compensation. If your loved one has suddenly passed from injuries received in an oil field accident, please reach out so we can start your wrongful death claim with the company that caused it.