Construction Accident Attorneys in El Paso

Construction Accident Attorneys in El Paso

Workers Compensation Claims

Approximately 30% of all workplace accidents take place in a construction zone

In El Paso, almost 5% of all residents work in construction.

Anyone working in that industry in El Paso and throughout West Texas must go through extensive safety training and certification before operating machinery or working on-site.

Unfortunately, your own care and caution can not always prevent the negligence of other employees or your employer. Many workplace dangers that can lead to workers compensation claims, like the dangers of falling objects, fires, explosions, and slips and falls, intensify for those working in a dangerous environment like a work site.

The Construction Accident Statistics Explained by Our Lawyers in El Paso

The construction industry has its share of hazards. On larger construction sites, there could be many subcontractors and suppliers providing services to one general contractor. Works at construction sites can be hectic, and the risk of danger also increases significantly.

Economic growth and housing developments in El Paso result in a larger number of construction jobs, which can lead to more construction accidents. El Paso ranks fifth among Texas’ housing markets, according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the mining, logging, and construction sectors saw a 17.6% annual growth rate in March 2020.

Common Texas building site Accidents

Despite all necessary safety regulations and training procedures, accidents can happen, especially with the presence of dangerous materials and heavy machinery. A few of the common sources of construction accidents include:

  • Electrocutions
  • Struck by a falling object
  • Slips / Falls
  • ‘Stuck between’ injuries (building falls, trench injuries, etc.)
  • Safety violations
  • Careless maintenance / Lack of proper maintenance
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Explosions / Fire

Types of Construction Accident Injuries

A construction site can indeed be a treacherous area full of risks that may lead to injury or otherwise affect your ability to provide for your family.  Some of the most frequently occurring types of injuries which a construction accident attorney in El Paso can help you obtain compensation for include:

  • Chemical exposure
  • Loss of limb
  • Blindness
  • Paralysis
  • Burns / Lacerations
  • Head trauma
  • Spinal / Head injuries
  • Wrongful Death
What Construction Accident Damages Can You Claim

Construction Accident Damages Claimable From Insurance Company

Employers are not required by Texas law to provide workers compensation for employees.

Most companies still do in order to protect themselves from liability in the event of an accident.

Due to recent tort reform within the Texas state legislature, your rights depend upon the status of your individual employer.

The damages you can seek compensation after a construction accident also depend on who is responsible.

Typically, employers, property owners, and equipment manufacturers can be held accountable, depending upon circumstances.

But it is your employer’s individual position on workers compensation that determines what type of El Paso construction accident lawyer your situation may require, and what cap there may be on your compensation limits.

Common Forms Of Damages

Some of the most common forms of damages you may be able to claim with the help of a lawyer include:

  • Wage loss & future wage loss
  • Lost Income due to job loss
  • Punitive damages (including for the family of the deceased, in the event of fatality)
  • Hospital bills / Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Pain and suffering (including reputational & emotional harm)

Once you are involved in a construction accident in El Paso, TX, the process of filing a successful workers’ compensation claim begins.

Construction accident attorneys in El Paso can help you, especially if you are unfamiliar with the the claims process, communicate with insurance companies to obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.

What Construction Accident Damages Can You Claim
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Parties Liable For Construction Accident :

Third parties involved in the accident might be responsible for your damages. These parties may include:

  • The negligence of another contractor may have caused your injury. Therefore, you can sue the contracting company for your damages.
  • An owner or manager of the property owes all visitors or workers a duty of care. In the event of injuries, the manager or owner can be held responsible.
  • If you have been injured due to a defective part or tool, the manufacturer is responsible.

Depending on your employer’s policy, you might also be able to file a claim or sue him/her for workers’ compensation if their negligence contributed to your accident causing personal injury. Our construction accident lawyers have the expertise in personal injury law and will guide the injured victim by offering the right legal advice. Our lawyers primarily focus on maintaining a good attorney-client relationship.

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The best thing you can do

If you or someone you care about has been involved in an El Paso construction accident injury due to someone else’s negligence, or you are dealing with a claim that has been denied, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

The best thing you can do for your situation is to enlist the guidance of experienced construction accident attorneys in El Paso.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If another person or entity besides your employer was responsible for your injuries, you have the right to sue them. Workers’ compensation is your only remedy against your employer. In cases where you can show active negligence on the part of the general contractor or owner, you will be able to prove your claim.

According to the general rule, an injured construction worker or the family of a deceased worker get two years from the date of the accident to bring a lawsuit. In rare cases, the timeline may be extended if the discovery is late. Public entities must file a claim within six months of the date of the accident if they are involved in any way.

A construction company or landowner can be held accountable for their negligence if they failed to take appropriate steps to secure and maintain the site, resulting in your injury. Only an attorney with experience handling construction accident cases can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Carabin Shaw specializes in handling these types of cases

In addition to protecting your rights, an experienced El Paso construction injury lawyer will advise you of any award you may be entitled to. An experienced construction injury attorney will be able to give you the most accurate estimate on how much you can be awarded for your specific case based on the extent of your injuries, the state in which it occurred, and any resulting expenses.

The people responsible for maintaining a safe work environment for construction workers are general contractors, property owners, subcontractors, and safety inspectors. The percentage of responsibility for each party will vary depending on the case.