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Auto Accidents in Construction Zones

Texas Car Accident Lawyer

We’ve all driven through construction zones with varying degrees of white-knuckled hesitancy. No doubt you’ve seen big rigs and automobile drivers, alike, speeding through the orange-and-white cone-lined maze of lanes that route traffic around the work areas. Maybe you’ve narrowly missed being involved in an accident, or maybe you were, unfortunately, injured in one of these construction zone accident attorneys

Highway Hazards

Highway construction is an ongoing hazard to both drivers and construction workers. While drivers, commercial and private, tend to ignore speed and warning signs without slowing down, accidents caused by construction vehicle drivers are a hazard of their own due to drivers who pull into traffic with no warning. More on this website

Duty of Construction Companies

Construction companies, and sometimes the state department of transportation or municipal road departments, are responsible for keeping the traffic safe from danger as it flows through the work areas. Among these responsibilities, they are to maintain adequate signage and other warning markers, clearly marked lanes, direct traffic safely through the lanes keeping vehicles safe from oncoming traffic. They are to keep their equipment out of the way of traffic, and not leave it on the shoulder of the road, or leave cones knocked over where they can roll into traffic. Please find more information on this website here @

Construction Zone Investigation

The construction accident attorneys at our Law Firm know that construction accident investigations are complex and are prepared to provide expert attention to detail during their investigations. Early investigations help discover and preserve evidence that may be important to getting you the settlement you deserve, so you are encouraged to contact us as soon after your accident as possible. We advise that you have a medical examination, even if you don’t think you are injured. Many injuries manifest in the days after an accident, and late reporting can cast suspicion on your injuries.

When you or someone you care about have suffered injuries or death due to a construction zone accident you are entitled to compensation to reimburse your expenses, losses, and future losses. Our attorneys will fight diligently to present your case and get you a settlement that covers all anticipated damages.

We urge you to act quickly to preserve all of your rights and to allow the maximum amount of time to prepare your case thoroughly. You’ve lost enough. Let us take care of you.

For a no-cost evaluation of your case, please contact the construction zone accident attorneys at our Law Firm, serving clients in Texas and nationally.