Kermit Dog Bite Lawyer & Animal Attack Injuries

Multiple cases of dog bites

Of all forms of personal injury, perhaps one of the most unique when it comes to litigation is that of animal attacks and dog bites.

Over the past few years, the city of Kermit’s courts and judges have encountered multiple cases of dog bites,  and even some reported fatalities after injuries sustained in animal / pet attacks.

But unfortunately, liability in these cases is often not as easily determinable as in other personal injury lawsuits. In an auto accident, for example, culpability for damages sustained in the collision can usually be traced to one of the people or parties at the scene.

Many times, animal attacks are less discernible and require the legal guidance of a West Texas dog bite & animal attack lawyer.

What Does The Law Say?

There are a few important factors to take into consideration when attempting to place a monetary amount on an animal attack claim. And each state has its own specific set of statutes related to dog bites and animal injures.

Texas statutes and Kermit local laws uphold that a dog is considered the property of his/her owner. This means that the owner assumes responsibility for injuries sustained if the dog attacks.

Dog bite laws in Texas generally uphold that the owner of the animal should be held responsible for damages caused by their animal. Dog bite laws in Texas state that the dog owner is liable for damages accrued by the victim as long as his/her lawyer can prove one of these:

  • The owner had prior knowledge of the dog’s dangerous behavior and acted negligently/failed to warn or prevent
  • There was a violation of a leash law
  • The owner caused the injury

Determining Damages & Animal Attack Case Value

A West Texas dog bite & animal attack lawyer will be able to examine where the incident took place (on whose property), and whether the animal’s owner could have taken action to prevent your damages.

If you have been bitten or injured, some common damages you may be able to claim from an animal’s owner could include:

  • Rehabilitation / Treatment costs
  • Medication expenses
  • Pain & suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Emotional harm
  • Time away from work (loss of wages)
  • Wage / Job loss (in the event your injuries alter your ability to work and affect your employment status)

Establishing Liability

Perhaps the most important aspect of any animal attack case is determining liability.

The key to establishing liability with the help of an experienced Texas dog bite lawyer lies in effective evaluation of an owner’s awareness and active prevention.

An Kermit personal injury lawyer can help you determine if the dog or animal has ever indicated any prior inclination towards violence before the incident. Establishing whether the owner properly warned you of an animal’s violent tendencies (if present) is another important factor in determining liability in an animal attack.

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